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Here we are giving you complete information on Reward program and its functioning


We knew everyone is very curious and waiting for updates impatiently, you may have the question that why no update but actually at back door work is going on and all the time tracking market about ongoing changes. We had observed earlier lending program crashed in a bad manner and members no more trusting. It is our intention since first day to Pay Back to our Num community and for that we did lot of planning on it and surely you will happy to see Num will never let you down therefore be ready for huge planning.

We are in contact with different exchanges to list num on their website but we regret to inform you that we could not succeed. Efforts will be continued and we will not let you down. Num core team have different plans of each situation. We have reward program which is ready to begin but we want to tell you that’s we have changed entire plans because we aimed to return your money with profits. At first we made plans to launch Num Reward with Num coin but due to lot of DDOS attack and failing in internal server now we decided to launch Num Reward in three phases

Phase 1: Recover your money… Phase 2: Recover Num price… Phase 3: Boost up Num price

Phase 1: Recover your money

We planned thing very carefully because due to such problems we lost community trust so we will specially do something to recover your money. Num reward will launch with BTC and now it’s up to you, you can change BTC to NUM and can withdraw your btc so this phase will recover all community money in BTC. Withdraw will be instant and you will get your money within time frame.

Phase 2: Recover Num price

When our 25000 members will recover their money at least $10K every member then we will convert whole site into Num. Deposit and purchase will start into Num which will recover Num price very quickly.

Phase 3: Boost up Num price

 We will do some major changes in Lending and Reward program with additional rewards and will start leader program along with Num Reward which will boost up Num price. When we reach to phase 3 then we will stop lending program because many exchanges are not accepting us due to lending program.

Note: We doesn’t have any time frame for phase 2 or phase 3 till all current lending members earn $10k in BTC.

NUM Reward Concept.

Based on $20 every lending member will receive 1 Position in Num reward which will start place shortly. Whenever you will receive $60 you need to pay Back $20 fee and you will receive 1 more spot, each spot will expire after earn 29k USD. 

What will happen if we have more than $60 in our account?

Membership fee message will appear that you need to pay membership fee.

What will happened if we will not pay membership fee?

You can’t withdraw money.

Why there is $40 Membership fee in my account?

Because you earn $120, membership will be double if you will earn 2 times $60 and this method will be continued.

I don't want pay membership fee from my Pocket what should I do?

Withdraw amount before it reach to $60.

When I will receive withdraw?

Withdraw is instant in NUM Reward.

MY account have lot of fee I was not aware, I can’t pay fee. Can you deduct my fee?

There is no way to deduct fee from balance. You should be active in NUM reward.

This membership fee is monthly or weekly or there is any time frame to pay membership fee?

No there is no time frame whenever you will earn $60 you need to pay $20

How we trust this idea will give us huge earning?

There is no referral needed, members will add automatically under you, whenever anybody will receive $60 they will add one more spot, you will receive money at same time 9 people will receive reward for 1 position,

What should I do for NUM reward success and fast earning?

Refer more and more people and tell them add just $20 and they are eligible for earn $29k. If we have more than 50 thousand members everybody will receive huge income.

When I will receive money?

Its 3 x 9 company forced first we will place lending members and system will add automatically. So when you see users under you in my purchase positions that mean your reward will start.

My referral will place under me?

You will receive bonus when your under one will purchase position or when he/she will cycle but his/her position can be placed under any one who is QUE, so you will receive $1000 bonus whenever your referral will cycle.

Membership will receive massive earning, apparently there is no need for any referral but if you have referral then you will receive 10% referral Commission only for new and direct Num reward referral and whenever your referral will reach to $29k then you will receive $1000 bonus. For example you have 10 referrals in NUM reward program then you will receive 10,000 USD bonus. Regarding NUMIV we are trying our best to boost price as soon as but please be patience we have no support from external exchanges. We need to do lot of work and we are doing but it will not very fast that’s why for our members we starting NUM Reward so you can easily recover your money

How we can access our account?

Simple reset password and with your NUMIV COIN site user name and email you will receive email, if you did not receive email please Contact with our support.




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